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Switch to UTS

I participated in a training session today for Universal Type Server. It seems like a very robust piece of font management software. The woman from Extensis did a migration for us from our Font Reserve server and so for the next couple of months before a studio wide rollout I will be involved in cleaning up and organizing the entire studio collection. Since we are a large studio (500-600 Mac users) this will be a substantial job. Fortunately I will have help.

UTS, unlike Font Reserve, will flag damaged fonts and not let you load them. Doing a keyword search we discovered we had almost 2400 "damaged" fonts. Many of these are actually intact but got screwed up from the migration and just need to be reloaded individually, but going through that many will still be a bugger for me. Hopefully once its all setup it will not be buggy like Font Reserve.
Anyone else used UTS in a large studio environment?