I need a branding logo for a catwalk backboard

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I need a branding logo for a catwalk backboard

Hello everyone,
I work for an model agency and i need to collect quotes for a branding logo in a 3D from and flat form to read on a fashion show backboard (6f by 4f). Do you know which range of price i can expect? I think they might need more information...
This is the first time i make this kind of enquiry so i don't really know who i may contact. ( i apologize for the mistakes i am French)
Thank you for your help

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Hi and yes we need more information. This project is using an existing Logo? Can we get a look at it? 3D can be achieved using photoshop and depending on the complexity of the final artwork this can take a pro anywhere from 2 hours to days. General fees for photoshop artists range from $40.00 to $120.00 an hour. Printing for the sign is all over the place depending on the materials. For the average 4x6 foot banner on vinyl costs can be from $400.00 and up. I am in Canada so the prices I know are in CDN.

So in a nutshell you could safely estimate anywhere from $1000.00 to $2000.00

To be safe put out a job post and see what kind of quotes you get on artwork and printing.

hope this helps.


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I think sisy mean more of a 3D construction of the logo rather than a 3D "rendering" of the logo.

you definitely need to provide more info Sisy.


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