Bad Typography

Bad typography is everywhere! Some of the best examples can be found on the web. Businesses use horrible fonts that aren't kerned. Most people who aren't knowledgeable in graphic design and typography don't see the problem with most of the bad typography in the world. The following are three examples of bad kerning that everyone should be able to see the problem with.
Unfortunately my first example may appear profane, but that is not the case. Apparently the owners of the video rental store "MegaFlicks" didn't realize their mistake until it was too late. A combination of a poor all caps type choice and bad kerning led to this seemingly offensive store. The second example is of the same problem. Bad typography decisions makes the store "Kids Exchange" appear like "Kid Sex Change."
The third example isn't as drastically obvious, but most typographers would be driven crazy by desperate need for kerning. The O and T of "both" need to be kerned so badly. There also needs to be more space between the words "both" and "ways." The final example is from a newspaper, one of the biggest typography offenders. Orphans, widows, broken words, poor kerning, and ugly rivers are only a few of the problems seen in there justified pages.