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Hi everyone.

This is a logo design for a local radio station which also broadcasts live streaming through the web.

Please comment on the legibility of the design.

The client likes the direction where we're going with the logo. I'm just concerned with legibility.

The radio station name is Y101 FM.

Thanks very much.


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it is illegible

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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Yeah... it took me quite a while to figure it out. I would definitely try to make the "m" in "fm" more connected—because for a while it looked like the letter i followed by a backwards n. If it's a "rawk" station and you want it to be a little broken, then the brokeness should show up in other places besides the first part of the m.

Also the "upside down" palindrome kind of idea is a little confusing too. Is making the 101 a separate color an option?

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Nifio FM?

If you want to do an ambigram, a script is usually a better option than a blocky sans.

- Lex

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Ok. Thanks guys.

Will try doing modifications or scrapping it all together.

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