Have you seen Baltica lately?

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Have you seen Baltica lately?

Hi all!

Working on a new project and narrowed down my typeface choice to Baltica by ParaType.

Has anyone seen/used this font lately? I thought I'd check with the experts here at Typophile, before discovering it's only claim to fame was a brief stint as the ubiquitous 80s sitcom opening sequence type or something even less desirable.

This is all I could find about it on the ParaType website:

Designed at Polygraphmash type design bureau in 1951-52 by Vera Chiminova, Isay Slutsker, et al. Based on Candida of Ludwig & Mayer, 1936, by Jakob Erbar. This typeface has the characteristics of slab-serif, but serifs are much thinner. The capitals are of generous width, x-height is large. Good legibility in small sizes makes this typeface useful in newspaper and magazine typography, while strong character shapes provide for pleasant display lines. The digital version in 3 weights was designed at Polygraphmash by Alexander Tarbeev in 1988. Small capitals, additional Bold, Extra Bold, and Extra Condensed styles were developed by Manvel Shmavonyan and released by ParaType in 2008.

If you could help me with a more personal history lesson, you'd make me do the Dance of Joy.