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Another software embedding license question

Sorry, everybody, if this is to some degree redundant. I’ve combed through the most recent threads on this and related subjects, but haven’t found anything specific to my situation.

I’ve been contacted by a multinational brand producting everything from scientific gear to cameras to printers. They’d like to see a copy of my terms/licensing agreement that would allow them to license 10 fonts that can be 1) embedded in one of their software applications as well as 2) be rendered as graphics.

My fonts? pixel fonts(!) Licensing terms for this sort of usage? I have no idea! Fair price? Royalty-based or flat fee? Again, no idea!

The letter was sent by a Legal and Intellectual Property Officer in the interest of the company’s UI Design team, so I’m thinking they have budgets for this sort of thing.

My question: how the heck should I price my fonts, considering pixel fonts commonly come in one optimized size (at least mine do). They’re not nearly as complex as traditional typography.

I want my rates to be competetive, but I’m still pretty inexperienced, and have nothing to measure myself against.

Anyone have any tips on how to put together an embedding license agreement? Should I ask them what kind of application they plan on using the fonts in, or how widely the app will be distributed? Or should I just stick to a generic rate?

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License fees vary a lot. I was in a similar circumstance recently. 3-15% of sales are license fees have been charged. It could be quite a lot of money. Don’t get nervous! Talk with a IP Lawyer that understands license and contracts. If you want to contact me off list, we can discuss this further.