working title: mostly sans, the lowercase

here is a glimpse of where my face currently stands.

this past summer i had started designing what was going to be a sans serif text weight subtly inspired by the distinct characteristics of my own handwriting. this was going to be expressed with capitals featuring several non-traditional descenders and semi-serif lowercase (in the way of THE MIX) so that there would be slight emphasis on horizontal movement. i started with the capitals, this is what i produced:

the notebook i had been using disappeared while on summer vacation. and then while on co-op this past fall (a quick shout-out to Rahmin and Lindsay at Landor Chicago) i came to the decision that it seemed a bit foolish to be starting with the capitals for a text weight when the lowercase are really what matters the most (there are more of them in text after all). so, i began anew this january.

with a new sketchbook and a new perspective came an onslaught of new problems. somehow i keep drawing my letters in more of a medium to almost bold weight. not to mention that i was having some hinting issues when it came to drawing at a reasonable size then scaling, printing, and assessing the glyphs at the actual size they were being designed for. so, i have somewhat abandoned the text weight to focus on producing forms my professor can grade. today i am showing my professor vector drawings of the lowercase. here are the pencil sketches i've scanned in so far:

i'd be curious to know if anyone has some good tips for designing small type—i imagine it is best to design it at the size it will be used at, but under 10pts is tough to draw. i've heard talk that some people cut paper instead of drawing with pencil. any thoughts would be appreciated.

also, i'm looking for a design job for when i graduate in june, so please check out my website and pass it on to anyone that is hiring. there is no resumé up and one project has yet to be uploaded, but the meat is there:

keep it real and rip it up,