Crit my portfolio, please :)

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Joined: 24 Aug 2008 - 9:58pm
Crit my portfolio, please :)

I'm a sophomore communication designer attending Carnegie Mellon. Rip me apart. I love criticism.

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Joined: 22 Feb 2008 - 3:22am

Not bad for a sophomore. While currently not being bad, I'd recommend continuing to develop an eye for color theory and typography. This mostly comes from simple practice and a closer attention to how others work with it.

The layout of the site isn't the most exciting thing I've seen. It gets the job done.

When loading the Times essay, I couldn't close the lightbox. This would be VERY annoying to a prospective employer.

The line length on the blog is too long.

The work as a whole is OK, but nothing all that interesting. The most interesting was a color study.

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Joined: 25 Sep 2006 - 2:15pm

This is a very good effort for a sophomore. Definitely better than what I had. Things to work on:
• Reconsider the way you use space with the logo/menu/clickable images. Right now these three items are not integrated, and do not integrate with the presentations below. Consider how it will work once you expand to sixteen pieces, or with an odd number of pieces.
• Keep your photography style consistent. Do not photograph your work against a dark color unless you have to do it to get a shot.
• Don’t use Flash for the image zooms. It’s unnecessary, irritating, and feels disconnected from the rest of the site.
• Make the image zooms work. Do not put links in a web site just because you’ll make them work later.
• Use bigger images and set up slideshows instead of having a collection of little postage-stamp images. Do not use Flash for this.
• Target this site at higher resolutions—not many designers are reviewing portfolios at 800x600.
• Your resume needs proofreading. Personally, I wouldn’t put my GPA on a resume unless it gets above a 3.0.