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I work for a university and I've been tasked with designing a logo for an annual lectureship series. The letters are B and C and the name of the thing is very long. I've put together 2 different font choices for the monogram and 2 different options for each. Any thoughts?

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Hmm .. my first impression was that of an acrobatic rock'n'roll or cheerleader stunts, followed by a sports team logo. I'm just not getting an academic lectureship feel from it at all. I think this is because the type is too heavy and interlocking pieces creating an unbalanced 3D effect.

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Yeah, the athletic thing is big issue on my end. They all look like something you might see on the front of a ballcap or side of a football helmet. The reason I have them interlocking like that is because of the wide open negative space the C leaves when paired with the busy B. Maybe the font choice could fix that. Thanks.

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Why do you think that you need a monogram at all? Why not simply use a nice text arrangement for the full name?

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They've asked for a "monogram-type" logo. I tried some other stuff with the initials but nothing really stuck. Again, the C throws the balance off.

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Off the top of my head, have you tried putting the "C" to the right of the "B" – maybe connecting or overlapping, though maybe separately, pretty close to it? Depending on the lettershapes, the double right-facing round vs. the single left-facing round might make for some interesting white space tension in between the two.
Alternately, would it be appropriate to consider working with lowercase "b"/"c"?

I agree about the athletics impression your current design gives; I also think the interlocking may be too strong, or forced (and a bit mechanical). It looks like something that might hurt, and that's probably not very motivating for a lectureship series. :-)

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You can’t get away from the athletic feel without ditching the slab. That’s just the context you’re working in. Anyway, I think that you need to try some kind of compositions with letters of equal height.

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Thanks for the help. I'll hit this again.

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