No Prob

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Hey all, for those who have a hard time saying what they really want to say...

Front: "No prob"
Looking in mirror: "Go 2 hell"

Critique and comments are more then welcome. Created more for fun then anything.

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There was a great Love/Hate one a while back, and
I remember seeing it on (or at least via) Typophile.


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Oh, nice one. ;-)
The love/hate one is here (for example):

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Yeah, that image was definitely the inspiration.

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I do like it, but I had trouble reading them, especially 'go 2 hell'.

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Cool, but difficult to read mission failed.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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See some more fun ambigrams on!

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"I had trouble reading them, especially ’go 2 hell’"
Interesting – that one was much easier to read for me. I mostly have problems with that "b" ("B"?) in "no prob".
But all in all it's very fitting for certain job situations. :->

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Yeah, I will agree that it is difficult to read. I guess if I ever made the shirt it would be more of an inside joke, only you're the only one in the loop...

And showing it to a few people, I've had people say "go 2 hew" and "no prog". Everyone is reading it quite different, as expected. It's not that big of a deal if it's a lost cause, but any comments on how to improve the legibility, without recycling the celtic style you see in a lot of ambigrams?

Thanks for the input, all.

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