Add Twitter and Social Networks to Your Typophile Profile

User profile pages now have the option of adding Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook addresses. Let me know if there are other social networks you can't live without.

Click My account > Edit > Social Networks and paste links to your social network profiles.

Be sure to paste the full path. i.e.


I wouldn't say I can't live without it, but might be helpful to some. Just a thought.

> Be sure to paste the full path

Speaking of that, do you think there's a quick way to automatically add an "http://" if it's missing from the links in user's profiles? A lot of folks have Home Pages that go nowhere because they don't realize they need this bit.

Seems like Flickr and are frequently used by Typophiles too.

Yes, having in there might be nice.

I think I'm one of the very few type designers on MySpace.

And I've managed to sell some fonts thru MySpace, I've actually landed clients there. And hell, I'd say it's the best place to find new, obscure musicians. I now have musicians as clients too.

So: yeah, MySpace please. I have more fun there than Facebook.


Just have an option to put in an 'other' social networking thing, where we input wherever we are. There's SOO many right now, I'm not even sure which ones I have accounts at anymore.

and gurglr please!

Okay Altaira, you got me. Just finally broke down and got a account ...

Another vote for Flickr please!

Yes, Flickr! Pretty please :-)

all good ideas (except myspace... ;-)

i just noticed a few days ago the new options and i like them.