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Hi Typophilian Mates

I just done a new fontface design.. called "Serifada" based on concept of Chilean Hitory.. following some aesthetics and synesthetic asociations. Although this can be clasified like display that hard serif and broken shapes help to make a better readable text. I don't an expert but I done some test and run so well on small sizes.

I hope get your opinions and critiques

Pedro [PeGGO]

NOTE: The old name "Politica" belong to Ale Paul font, an now my design name has been changed by "Politic"

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It's a bit difficult to judge due to the effects applied to the sample. Could you post a effect-less PDF?

One thing that does stand out now is that the spacing needs quite a bit of work.

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I agree with Steve that an non FX sample will help.
A black on white PDF would be fine.
I guess you've not spaced your font yet. Ain't it?


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Thanks Speter and Marcelo.

In fact... this work is just a WIP.. and need solve uppercases and kerning work. Soon l leave a clear example for your opinions..!!

for now I leave this same file on PDF

thanks for your time.

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Hello... I just come to leave an image without FX:

For details please check the PDF file that Speter and Marcelo request

Hope somebody can help me to get a better opinion about this work.

Thanks for you time and support.

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I like it. I wonder if the z is a bit too wide and the serif too thick. May be the top storey of the g seems off center. Keep going.


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Thanks "Sim"
I'm working on it.. thanks for tell me about "z" and "g" I'll need make new reviews and test and solve Uppercases too..!!
thanks for your support and your time.. see you soon..!!!

and as a bonus I leave a new composition game for run a new test

Pedro [PeGGO]

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Some letters seem lighter than others (x, w)
Robert Koritnik

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thank you by support me litera.. thant's so useful.. :D

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Hi Typophilian mates

Today I'm going to leave a new update for this font design, the uppercases, that I recently complete on it's basic work but still need check the metrics and kerning work.

check the PDF file here

Sorry for the FX on image, I forget done a B/W version for this. but you know, any critique or comment is always very welcomed. Be always fine and thanks for your support.


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Here I leave a little sketch of the original concept of this font.
hope you like it and feel free for comment or critique.


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Hi dear mates!

I'm still working on this politic family font, I have finished all regular style character set and now on I'm in Extrablack, lowercases are ready and I'm still doing a few corrections on Caps, cuz I need to solve several aspects about style shapes on each gliph.

If you find some trouble in there please notice me about, anyway, so thanks for your help.

PDF sample here

Note: Kerning in process

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Hi Mates!
Politic ExtraLight is now ready!

I'm working now on kerning pairs and OTF code programing.. and hope soon drop here a new updated PDF file..!!

Best Regards!

P.S.: BTW.. If someone happen the same and find a solution. I don't know why the load of images sometimes don't work as well like always and send a error!

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Make sure there are no spaces or strange characters in the filename you try to load.

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May be was something strange like you said, I don't sure what was that mistake, not ever happen but oftentimes on lastdays, But now i's working better.
Thank you Eliason.

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