Font info trouble (Fontlab)

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I have just made this font. (Petrograd)

I have a couple of weights and styles:
-Regular Osf
-Regular Monospaced

The problem is when I make the font files and
activate them in ATM, only one weight/style
shows up in my programs.

I have convinced myself that this is because
of the "font info" being entered in a wrong way.

Can you help me with this? (if this is indeed
the core of the problem)

In fontlab the info page looks like this:

Family Name:
Style Name:
Font Name:
Full Name:
Menu Name:
Fond Name:

I just can't seem to figure this out correctly.
How should I fill this out in the right way?



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Perhaps it's a problem with how you're naming your fonts?
If so, I found Adom Twardoch's "Font Family Naming in FontLab" very helpful.

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Yes it's excactly the problem. Just minutes after I wrote the first post I found that thread by Adam Twardoch. It is very helpful.
Things are looking a lot better now.
Thanks, man.

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