5 requests

I've heard you guys are fantastic at this, and I appreciate it!

1. http://h4xr.org/x0nz
2. http://h4xr.org/h9kh
3. http://h4xr.org/9k9y
4. http://h4xr.org/f1mj
5. http://h4xr.org/4a50


Newsflash (1.) is a free font called Miso.
Look here.

‘iceberg’ (#5) is Chalet London 1970.

"ARKA NUOVA" (#2) is probably a deformed VAG Rounded Bold.

‘Arka Nuova’ (#2) is (similar to) VAG Rounded.
‘forkwire’ (#3) is similar to several of the typefaces mentioned in this thread about square sans faces – but no cigar.


Any ideas for #4?