(x) Book Cover San Serif - Faina {Isaac Tobin}

This looks very familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. It's used on a couple of great book covers designed by Isaac Tobin. Thanks in advance.


Similar to Knockout No. 28/29, but with a squarer finish and higher waist on the A.


Also like FF Hydra. I've been struggling to identify this for the Book Cover Archive as well. Guessing it's custom.

Thanks for the input. I think you're probably right Stephen. I love the "squarer finish" and I think that "R" is great. Maybe I need to ask Mr. Tobin himself.

Glad you like it! Yes, it's custom (working title: Faina). I've only really finished the caps of the condensed medium weight seen above but it's already come in handy on lots of book covers. I'm also working on a wider version where the boxy corners get more pronounced. I hope to complete bold versions of both condensed and extended fonts (caps only) and interpolate a lot of options from there.

Thanks for the inside scoop, Isaac. I've updated the typeface info on your items in the BCA.