Robothon 2009 / GNp4, recap & photos

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Robothon 2009 / GNp4, recap & photos

Just thought I would start a repository for all the Robothon recaps and photos that will be posted in the next few days as everyone recovers from the (exhausting) 3 day event.

for those with flickr accounts you can add your photos to the Robothon group:

Here are a few of the Robothon recaps I have found, please add more if you know of any.

Rob Keller's coverage: here.

Dan Reynolds writes about his experience at the conference here.

Ricardo Lafuente has some very in-depth posts about Robothon here


After Robothon the fourth Gerrit Noordzij exhibition was opened, the exhibition of the work of Tobias Frere-Jones was accompanied by a catalogue which was given out at the opening and will be sold by the publisher: Uitgeverij de Buitenkant. Some exhibiton images here, more soon.

The Tobias Frere-Jones exhibition also made it on to the news

On Saturday was a short seminar on the occasion of the Gerrit Noordzij prize and Paul Barnes, Rich Roat, Chris Vermaas, Tobias Frere-Jones and Piet Schreuders (followed by a performance by the Beau Hunks). I'm sure Erik will post a link to the video clips of the Robothon and Gerrit Noordzij prize lectures here as soon as they are up.


Late that night there was small gathering of Type and Media students, Type and Media alumni and some friends from Reading. Some fun was had with the coasters that were on the table: here and here

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Just found some more reports about Robothon:

by Benjamin Hickethier, on
(english translation here)

by Jan Middendorp, on eyemagazine's blog