(x) Cameron Diaz - ITC Fenice Ultra {Chesh}

I was hoping someone might know the name of this slabby fat face?

Cameron Diaz.jpg


Upon further reflection (hey, what do you want, I was aiming for speed), that might not quite be it, seeing as the serifs are thinner in the sample. However, if the sample was scanned from a magazine, that could account for it. On the other hand, it could be a custom version just for that particular magazine. Where did the sample come from?

Wow! Damn that was quick.

Yes it is ITC Fenice Ultra, and yes
it was scanned from a magazine, current British GQ.


Chesh, you make us all proud, even if the rest of the world thinks we’re freaks.


Thanks, Jared — just trying to do my part, and, eventually, beating Hrant’s one-minute record. I think Typophile time stamps should start having seconds on them. I *know* Yves is gonna back me up on this one! :-)