Creating a ID card template.

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I'm currently working on a 'rebranding' for a youth project, doing the normal stuff- logotype, colourways, promo material, blah blah blah. However the client would also like to be able to create an individual name tag/ID card for the kids. It doesn't need to have a photo, but they want to be able to easily make one themselves each time they get a new batch of kids join the club. They want me to design a template that can easily be used to put the info in.

What is the best way round this? Obviously they arent going to have InDesign or anything like that, so whats the best method of doing it? Anyway to make it useable in Word, without having to design it in that? Or any other solutions, beyond sending them a image in a word document, and getting them to put a text box over it? :/

I'm also going to have to spec a slightly different typeface for this, as I doubt they are going to have Akzidenz Grotesk avaliable....

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My first thought was a private web app that they can access.

I assume the photos change too?

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They dont want to put a photo on it. Only mentioned photos because lack of them makes it a tad easier. They may want some ones with photos for the staff, but they can be done at a later date.

How would this hypothetical app work? Maybe I need to get a slightly more tech savvy friend in on this one...

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If you don't need to update any imagery then you can always create an editable PDF. They would just need to have a license for the font. Or (or maybe in addtion) you could make the template as a PDF and they can just input the names.

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