Prison Literature Magazine Spread

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This is a spread for a prison literary magazine I'm laying out.

I've used 15pt Minion for the title and 15pt Legacy SC for the author name. The body is set in 11/15 Minion.

The page is 39 x 51p.
The textblock is 26 x 39p.

inside margin: 3.833p
top margin: 5p
outside margin: 9.1666p
bottom margin: 7p

I'm curious what people think of the large title size and if the leading for the body is too high. Also would like to hear thoughts on the block dimensions and location on the page.

Thanks for your time!

ps-I've a NYTimes article as dummy text.

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For me is the author name that looks too big. I also would try to let more space between the title/author and the body text, or less space between the title and the author.
Just my opinion.


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