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Hello, I need some help to resolve some situation.

Some client send me a work to do with cyrilic text (Microsoft Word), and when I open the file text the characters are change, the computer don't reconize this letters. This situation was repeted with the Macromedia Freehand. The original file was written with Times New Roman and works well with windows XP. I'm using a Mac OS 9.2 (English Keyboard) at my work but I'm confuse with the origin of the problem because Its my first time that I'm use cyrilic text. Did I must change the keyboard language? Or I must get a cyrilic version of Times New Roman to Mac OS?
thanks for any advice.


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hi Ricardo. WinXp contain unicode opentype version of Times New Roman that includes cyrillic too. i'm not expert in mac'n'stuff, but i think easyest way - is to convert win's TNR into mac's..


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Thanks Alessandro I hope this information will give me a light to resolve the problem.


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Ricardo, install the Cyrillic language kit from the MacOS 9 CD. Then you can use the "CY" versions of system fonts. If your version of Word is 2000 or over, the text will open correctly, albeit with a wrong font. Reassign the font to any of the "CY" ones, then you can cut and paste to any layout application. However, unless you have some professional Cyrrillic fonts (you can buy quite a few at, you'll be stuck with these mediocre "CY" system ones.

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I also have this link you might dig:
Ate' logo,

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You can find more information about Russian typefaces and fonts at There are also links to free Cyrillic fonts.

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Thanks for all this great Links. I will see with more detail some of this informations during this night and I will try to resolve the problem tomorrow morning at my work. Regards to all.

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