Cheltenham then and now

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I am leafing through the beautiful ATF Specimen book (from 1912), and find myself slowly falling in love with the delightfully quirky Cheltenham family.
The only digital version I could find (ITC) seems to've lost much of it's charm (along with a handful of ligatures and text figures.) I recognize the merits of the new design, homogenizing upper and lower cases for modern sensibility, but miss the quirk. At least they kept that funny lower-case g :)

Are there other recreations, more faithful to the original design?

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Then you may be very interested in this thread from only a few weeks ago.

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Bitstream’s Cheltenham BT is much closer to the original than ITC Cheltenham. But be careful when shopping, because Bitstream also did an ITC Cheltenham with the goofy x-height.

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If the NY Times print edition goes under, you think we'll ever get our hands onto Matthew Carter's Cheltenham? Because I love it.

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