woah challenge for you all

soooo... i have this logo and i need to know wich font it is made with for a research..
i tried georgia but since it's a screen font i don't think it's the right one tho it's very similar.. can anyone help?
thank you!


If the concave top of the T in the JPG is caused by bitmapping, as I assume it is, then you're looking at ITC Century.

WhatTheFont says Journal is a closer match, but these are all variants within the same concept.

There are a boatload of similar fonts, but the 'a' is the most helpful letter in this one. To me the tail on the Journal a seems a bit longer than the sample. My pick is Esquire from Scangraphic, based on a C. H. Griffith typeface.

- Mike Yanega

The Griffith typeface was called Textype, and Bitstream's Century 731 is their version of the same typeface. I think either the Scangraphic or Bitstream fonts are good matches for the sample.

- Mike Yanega