Is Emigre emigrated?

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Is Emigre emigrated?

On June, 10. 2004, I submitted a font project to Emigre.
I didn

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As much as I like Emigre fonts, I have heard from others they are very critical in choosing work, and according to Adam Roe (an early top seller at T-26 back in the mid nineties) they did not even bother responding in regards to his font submissions.
On another note- show us your work,

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Thank you very much for the note Mr. Ole S

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Looks great, but weird text in your PDF — is that ‘running’ or ‘rimming’ that you’ve misspelt? Could be the latter, gien the later ‘erotic’.

Oh sorry, now I see…it’s ‘Drumming’.

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Grazie Signor Andrew Fall.

Here is the full text:

“Rhythm in abstractly endless but if it goes together with a melody,
here that a concrete object pops up in front of your mind.
Funny, how music has an effect…
Drumming is extremely physical, very erotic as well, it awakes your body…
releases your senses… and even at its strongest it can calm you down,
awake your spirit… it puts you in contact of your innermost being, and it
unites people maybe more than any other type of music, it is such a basic
instinct, as it is the rhythm of body & soul.”

(c) Tuija Tervo, 5 March 2003

The font project is also “weird” because its upper case initials
are accounted for Italian (but the project is stretchy):

A di animali (animals)

B di balena (whale)

C di cane (dog)

D di dromedario (dromedary)

E di elefante (elephant)

F di farfalla (butterfly)

G di gatto (cat)

H di hemigymnus fasciatus (fish)

I di ippopotamo (hippopotamus)

J di jack rabbit (rabbit)

K di koala (koala)

L di lumaca (snail)

M di mucca (cow)

N di nasica (monkey)

O di orso (bear)

P di pipistrello (bat)

Q di quercino (rodent)

R di riccio (hedgehog)

S di serpente (snake)

T di tarantola (spider)

U di upupa (hoopoe)

V di volpe (fox)

W di wallaby (kangaroo)

X di xenopo (frog)

Y di yak (yak)

Z di zebra

The illustrator who designed the font with me has a link

Thanks again, Mr. John Downer for the off-line letter.


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Aren’t lurkers just wonderful?
It warms my heart to think that we unwashed masses don’t deserve open, well-meaning advice.


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I like your crazy font!

Is it for sale?