Upscale logo font treatment but not fashion

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I have a special request to create a logo that should be upscale/aristocratic but shouldn't reflect fashion. I ruled out any script treatment (fashion related). I don't want to go with just some sans serif loosely spaced type, but would like to choose a font that would have nice subtleties like Phaistos from FontBoureau, but can't use this particular one.

I could also use any other without those nice details and change it myself. Anyway. Do you have any suggestions for font choice and/or logo treatment.

Any other suggestions welcome as well

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I'd consider flipping through some real estate branding samples. There are lots of logos that are meant to convey luxury, and some of them actually manage to do that.

Also, something like this might also help to get creative juices flowing :)

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Typefaces are mostly irrelevant when it comes to projecting the concepts like upscale or luxury. A real upscale brand can use anything and get away with it because it will be printed on great stock, be advertised in great magazines, be photographed by excellent photographers, and sold in great stores with great locations. Looking upscale is the result of attitude, planning, and having lots of resources to throw at the problem. Typefaces don’t solve that kind of design problem and when people on a limited budget try to look upscale it doesn’t fool anyone who has the money for the product.

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This is my first try. It's actually heavily manipulated ITC Berkeley font. I've put in lots of subtle and not so subtle details that will show themselves at larger sizes on press. Actually looking at it, you can probably hardly recognise Berkeley anymore.

I agree with you James to some degree. Still I think that type does give an emotional feeling. Wrong type can give you exactly what you didn't want people to feel. Anyway.

Thanks a bunch for the reference. Never thought of it. Silly me. ;)

Here's #1, #2, #3. Give me your opinions and suggestions.

Robert Koritnik

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I like the interpunct, but unless "V.E.R.U.M." is an acronym, I don't think it works. What if you take your third logo and place one interpunct on each side?

- Lex

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I think #1 is very good. Extra leading relates well to the luxury, and the type is "fancy", but not too much.

#2 is the worst out of three, cluttered and confused.

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Since I added a mark to the logo I decided to keep #1 and not use $3 with punctuation as Lex suggested.

#1: mark may look odd, but a full colour variation (with appropriate shadow) in 3D as a folded paper corner makes a nice symbol to put on paper edge (check example below)

#2: everything is golden section. Haven't experimented into 3D.

Robert Koritnik

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I really like the second one, with the diamond shape. The white detail could look like two hands of a clock. Or a bird. I don't know if those are relevant. And I like the tracking of the letters.

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In #2 the mark seems more streamlined compared to the logo type. I'm not exactly sure if they work well together. I lean more towards #1. It seems to work well together thus far. I might suggest playing with the size of the enclosed v. seems more classic.good luck.

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#2 for me, though it feels somewhat geometrically unbalanced and it does look like a wristwatch. Perhaps something along these lines:

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Thanks guys. I stared working with #1, because I can really nicely incorporate it into main material: magazine...

Client also likes #2 more, so I guess I'll have to come up with something in the line of #2.

@epsilicon: #2 is done using golden section, so it should be balanced. :) Your suggestion looks very nice, but reminds me of diamond. That is exactly what I don't want to achieve. As stated in the title "... not fashion". Don't you think that lines coming together into one point could be problematic? Lines normally tend to blend when tapered at very close distance...?

@hola: Thanks... I like #1 as well... But as said... It's not meant to be. Maybe I'll be able to convince the client somehow.

@bendy: bird association could be something I could use. Freedom. Publication will use lots of white space... So free... Nice one. Thanks.
Robert Koritnik

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Client decided to go with this one. It has slight variation in lines to make it look like a curved/flipped paper corner.

There's also a full colour version of the symbol that uses shadow to get the same shape and dimension.

Robert Koritnik

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Good job, the result is lovely!

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hmmm not seeing the image ... but the response so far is positive!

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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Don't know why images are gone and I don't know which ones were posted, but I can post another one and hope it resembles something that was here before. ;)

BW, Grayscale, and coloured depending on application.

And how it should look like on the cover:

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