Font Suggestion for Educational Consulting Logo

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Font Suggestion for Educational Consulting Logo

Hello everyone, i'm in need of some help.

I am designing a logo for a friend of mine that started an educational consulting firm. The original name was Arise! Talitha Koum (which I thought was too long but...) the 2nd half is Hebrew and refers to a girl of 12 which held special meaning to her. She gave in and has finally changed her original name to Arise Educational Consulting, Inc.

The variations I attached were based on what she wanted originally, which was uplifting hands that signified strength in the colors green and/or brown.

I'm looking for a font that would signify excellence and strength without being too overpowering (if that is possible) because she writes curriculums and training plans for schools and businesses.

Critique on the ideas/direction are welcome, no matter how brutal. I appreciate honesty and i'm a bit new to the logo design thing. Thanks in advance for any insight.