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Albertus Extra Bold origin

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Albertus Extra Bold origin

I am trying to find the origin of Albertus Extra Bold. There are a few digital fonts out there - most of dubious origian. I and a friend with much more reference material find no such critter in metal up through photolettering. Jaspert reveals that several variants of the original Albertus and Italic were added over the years, but no Extra Bold.

The earliest appearance I can find is a Font Company (defunct) font. Most of their fonts were apparently made for them by URW using Ikarus. Was URW in the habit of adding extrapolated weights to font families using Ikarus?
Also, there was, it seems, an Albertus Extra Bold built into early HP Laserjet printers, but where did that come from?

The frustrating thing is that there are two very different "models" of Albertus Extra Bold that various companies followed. One was used by Font Company (via URW it seems) and Miles (gobbled up by Agfa). The other was used by Fontbank and Brendel. None of these companies (not including URW) created anything original so whose Albertus Extra Bold were they copying, why two different styles and, the thing I'm trying to deduce, which model came first and who designed it?

Does anyone have a sizeable showing (1/2 page at least) of an Albertus Extra Bold?

I've posted this in General Discussions as well, not knowing which would be the best place.