Defiant Battle Type, Even More Progress

I need to come up with a new scheme for titling these posts. Either that, or stop making progress.

First we have the basically complete:

And here is a peek at:

Apart from disconnecting the script version, many of the lowercase characters were redrawn. The r and s for example. The s was particularly challenging. I tried all kinds of crazy forms from scripty, to descending, to deco... in an effort to resolve the heavy stroke weight and small x-height. It's basically a game of balancing 1.stroke width vs. other glyphs, and 2.overall darkness of the character vs other glyphs. I opted to dial the slider closer to matching stroke width. Yes the s is dark, but at large sizes (a lets face it, this is not a workhorse text font) it was the better solution. I'm also reworking the caps so they will play well with each other. Some of these changes may work their way back into the script caps.

Lastly, I played around with an extended version:

I was surprised how a little extending of the connection resulted in maximum retro-fitting. I also had to redraw some characters to work here.. notably the f. My initial drawing only works in the tight quarters of the original spacing. Extend the bar of an f long enough and it's not an f anymore. I also included this new variant as an alt in the regular script version. The caps were also a challenge, especially the non-connecting ones (like D). Connecting to the lc looks bad, big space looks bad, small space looks bad, so I ended up making extended caps and using a medium space. While this version pushes the design closer to existing types in the genre, I figured it was worth it to give Moped yet another voice.

I think that is what I'm liking most about this little family. You can dial in the how retro you want to go: sans -> script -> script extended.


Cool and cute all at the same time!

(It could be me, but the right side of the w looks smooshed.)

Thanks Tiffany. The cuteness factor may come from the original inspiration. Before the battle began, I designed these letters for my daughters room. She'd received a gift certificate from The Letter Boutique ( so I drew them up. Fabulously carved and rendered by Carrie. At risk of forever branding this font as "girly" here are the letters:

Why so concerned about the w???

Does the larger image solve it for you, or is it still smooshified in your view?

These are really neat, looks like you've been having fun! Good work.
That's a really interesting counter space on the w. You know what, I wonder if the right side needs more overshoot than the left because the curve is tighter? It looks a tiddly bit higher.

Bendy: Thx, this is fun! The right needs to be higher in the script version because it connects to the next letter at x-height. The idea is to hint at the loop that would be there if the font wasn't so bold , which pushes the loop above the x-height (see the r also). The basic shape comes from two v's looped together. I'll take another look.

BTW, Miss T there were smileys intended there on my W comments.

Oh, I meant the bottom of the w, not the top. Sorry! :)

Ah. I see what you mean. Yes it does look a bit higher though the points are at the same height. I think it comes from the asymmetric loop in the middle, which comes from the asymmetric v. I'm exploring other ideas at the moment.

Seeing it larger and in one word it doesn't bother me as much. I guess it is just because the only other places you see that sort of curve is in the v.

Redrew them. Curves are now better. Thoughts?

Yes. I think that is better. But what do you think?

I've just updated the fonts, so yes I agree! In addition to smoothing the pointed counters, the node placement on some of the curves was off, notably the bottom curve was lumpy and the top of the middle loop could have been more symmetric, plus the counter shapes are now more balanced.

Look at anything long enough in isolation and it becomes weird. Must be time for bed! Thanks for your input.

Yes, I like that too! The curves are really nice. I think the optical alignment is necessary on the w because the width of the overshoot of each side is different.

COOL! I want that on my car and on my refrigerator, now!


Interesting. I actually really prefer the earlier version, before you smoothed out the curves.

I think the rounded version loses a lot of the tension in the form.

It might lose tension as a single form/shape, but as a glyph within a set of glyphs it works better. IMHO