Public Enemies Poster Font

I bet this baby is called something that ends in gothic, but neither my specimen books, linotype's font-identifier nor whatTheFont can put a name to it.

Can anybody here do it? :)


With the slight difference between the three Es I think it is hand lettered, copying a simple signwriters grid-based gothic appropriate to the era.

Actually the slight differences stem from my resizing of the lettershapes in the poster, which have a slight gradient overlayed. I do believe that this really is a font and not hand-lettered type.

I just went to check out the official Public Enemies website hoping to find a press kit with the embedded font, but I did not get lucky. So instead I noticed that the preloader seemed to use the same typeface, so I took a peek inside the swf file and it uses Compacta, which is similar but not identical. Its M touches the baseline, the middle of the S is not straight but diagonal and the height-width relation does not quite match up either. But it's close.

Should be http://New Deal, designed by Neville Brody at Research Studios.

Thanks a bunch Ryuk, you've saved me some sleepless nights!

shockomotive, how were you able to get access into the swf file/press kit? also, greeeeat font, and thanks for the find ryuk.

I like how it says public enemies right near the lower abdominal area... good thing they had good proofreading on "Public"