(x) Zurich coffeshop Casablanca - custom/Casablanca {Nina}

I found this type in a zurich based coffeshop named Casablanca,
does anybody know if this type is released somewhere?
I quite like the idea of some letters (even if there are one or two
quite quirky curves).


The attachment did not work; please resubmit if you're still unresolved on this one.

Hmm… if by any chance the font we're looking for is the one used in the logo of Café Casablanca: There's a PDF on the site* that lists the font as "Casablanca", which would most likely mean it's a custom job. That, or a bad case of LTypI. :-)

* http://www.cafe-casablanca.ch/joomla/images/PDF/casa_angebot.pdf