bad stuff in NZ part 2

This time it's political. I have just ‘blacked out' 100types in protest over the coming legislation here – the ‘draconian’ s92A Copyright Amendment Act. If you know or deal with any New Zealanders online (especially the creative ones), remind them to sign the petition at The Creative Freedom Foundation and write to their MPs this week.

For evil to triumph, good men and women need do nothing* – but if guilt upon accusation and the subsequent summary disconnection of one's online activities bothers you in any way – join the protest.

*misattributed to Edmund Burke, apparently.

[Edit] just in at midnight our time... "The Creative Freedom Foundation are celebrating tonight after National's announcement this afternoon that Section 92A will be scrapped, and that they will work towards finding an alternative."

Normal service has been resumed; please do not adjust your set.