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A distressed pixel font? Playing around with possibilities here. The top set is the hand-built original. The bottom three sets sport varying levels of "decay".

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Another distressing example...

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I like the possibility of taking pixel fonts in this unexplored direction (to my knowledge). Naturally, they are niche typefaces at best, but they do have an entirely different feel to them than their parent typefaces. I like the raw feeling they have, and don't mind the knobby look that comes as a result of this technique.

Any thoughts?

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I like the idea of distressed pixel fonts, and I like the looks you're getting here. I suppose my question is what kind of distressed look are you looking for? I'm not seeing much in the examples, but maybe i'm not seeing them in the right way.

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I think he means that they appear to be worn down around the edges, ground down, sort of. When I think of "distressed", I think of pock-marked or scratched, myself, but it ain't necessarily so.

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