Serif outline font from 1959 issue of Communication Arts

I found this wonderful font in my current Communications Arts magazine (the 50th anniversary one) and am dying to use it for a book I'm designing. I can't find it anywhere, so I implore the wise minds of Typophile. Thank you for you help!


It could be a typeface called ‘Sacramento’.

It is right?-darn it. Someone on whatthefont told me it was from a Solotype catalogue. This is not available for computer's right? It hasn't been digitized? Do you or anyone know of something really close to it with the hollow middle and drop shadow? I would really appreciate it.

Someone on whatthefont

It’s me. :)

Maybe other experts might know of the typeface.

How funny! You're everywhere. Thanks for answering both of my pleas. I did some research and some Solotype fonts are sold on My Fonts, but not Sacramento.

Yes, please, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can locate or at the least, best imitate Sacramento, I would greatly appreciate it.


Looks like it is actually another Solotype example called Grand B from Dover Book Condensed Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts

Hi Bojev. Did you scan this in or is it available online somewhere? I've been searching for a while now and even contacted Dover, but no answer.

Scan from the Dover Book - would you like high res copy - e-mail address - to evansb - at - Leave out hypen after name

Thanks bojev.

Any other suggestions of look-alike font would be greatly appreciated.

That scan from the Dover book is available digitally, I believe. It's called Grand Canyon and you can find it at MyFonts. Though to me, it only bears a passing similarity to the early CA example.

If the drop shadow effect isn't a priority, Antique Condensed from Font Bureau is a decent match:

Thanks so much-Grand Canyon is very close and I'm going to mark this solved. Marcox, thanks, but the drop shadow was important.