Hi there, can anyone tell me whaat this is. I know it isnt available as a typeface as it is from an old Letraset book.

The reason I know that is that I found out the name once and now I have forgotten it ;(

The two images show similar fonts, its the orange one I am after.



The orange one is URW Fat Face.

Don't be so sure it's not available - it's Fat Face.

- Lex


- Lex

Sahara Bodoni has the 'b' of the second sample.

- Lex

As does Didoni. More Extra Bold Didones.

Ahhhhhhh Fat Face, thats the one,

God, I knew it had a really obvious name. Thanks guys for that,

ANd thanks for the second one as well.

hahahaha. I think "Janned" need to be part of the typophile glossary. I certainly know the feeling.