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Happy spring to everyone. At least it feels like spring. (No more snow, thanks.)

It's been a while since our last update, but we've been busy. We have two new releases and an update to tell you about.

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New release: Galaxie Copernicus

Five years in the making, the Copernicus typeface has finally joined the Galaxie stable. Galaxie Copernicus is a reconsideration of the 16th-century types of Christophe Plantin.

The face is a collaboration between Kris Sowersby and Chester Jenkins, and reflects both designers' styles and approaches. The face is a Plantin for the 21st century, reflecting the technology and aesthetics of today; not a revival, but a reconsideration of Plantin.

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New release: Stag Stencil

Stag Stencil is the latest addition to Schwartzco's growing Stag family. The faces - a collaboration between Christian Schwartz and Berton Hasebe - were commissioned by Esquire and Red Bull's racing magazine, both of whom wanted Stag's masculinity amplified by revealing Stag's "constructedness". The resulting Stencil faces are unusually organic for the style, which led naturally to stencil-ing the matching italics.

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Update: National V2

National is the greatest New Zealand typeface ever published.* Since its release in October 2007, National has been incredibly well received and praised: the face was a Judge's Choice in the Type Directors Club TDC2 2008 competition; a great achievement for any designer.

Due to public demand and personal curiosity, Kris has added three weights to National: Thin, Light and Black in roman and italic. These new weights extend the versatility and usefulness of the family and notch up the covet-ability of the face to "Must Have".

*Until Kris releases his next design.

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Coming in the next few days: A new tote bag and a mini catalogue / poster. Stay tuned...

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Thanks again.

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