First-time Arabic font designer

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I just finished my first Arabic font (well, the alphabet of it at least, still have the numbers and punctuation to go) and would really appreciate some (heavy if needed) critiquing and figure y'all might be interested in seeing a new Arabic font. (see preview below)

Here's a link to the critique page

coruna_arabic_titler.png13.68 KB
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I can only see one word: كورونا

Your ra is disproportionate, I like to see ra and waw harmonious


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Saad, the rest is on the critique page,

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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Go Go, L2R+R2L! Love your coiled Waw+Ra

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