Sample Logos for a Database Management System

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Our company is developing a database management system for an eye clinic. I have come up with various designs that I hope will represent the software. Attached are samples of the logo that I have designed. I would like to get your opinions on what you think of them.

Thank you.

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Most of them are too busy, having too many distinct elements. Try using fewer.

Colour choice looks ok for the type of client. Could also be greenish, since our eyes easiest perceive green colour.
Robert Koritnik

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Thank you for your reply Robert.

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I agree with litera.

The one at the bottom looks most promising to me. Perhaps consider styling C into an iris .. though it may come out cheesy. I would certainly drop the reflection and use same, sans serif type for both lines. Also the bottom line is kerned way too tight and it looks discomforting. Also 3 shades of blue in the way you have them is a one too many.

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data management + eyes ... structured data, making viewing easy. clear vision. simple lens.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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