Sans Serif fonts (A)

List of sans serif fonts in my PC starting with the letter "A":

- AF Carplates / AFCarplates
Looks like car license plate numbers. Available in all caps or normal.

- AG Book
Like stencil text but rounder.

- AG Book Rounded
Like Arial but with round edges.

- AG Old Face
Like Arial but taller.

- AG Schoolbook
Like the letters on kids' flashcards in kindergarten.

- Abadi MT Condensed
Tall and fairly narrow thin font. Has a certain sleekness about it.

- Advantage
Like Modern but with a heavier bottom.

- Advertiser
With edges that are rounded inwards.

- Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk
An uglier version of Arial.

- Alien League
Futuristic sleek font.

- Andale Mono IPA
Doesn't contain caps. Looks like Financial.

- Andover
Futuristic-looking. No caps. All letters have the same height.

- ITC Anna
Broadway kind of look. All caps.

- Antique Olive
On the thick side, with a garnished kind of feel.

- Arena Black
Like a more spaced-out and slightly boxy version of Arial Black.

- Arena Condensed
Like Abadi MT Condensed but not as narrow/tall.

- Arena Outline
Outline of Arena Black.

- Arial
Proportionate but boring and lacks class.

- Arial Black
Thicker version of Arial.

- Arial Rounded MT Bold
Like Arial but with round edges, rather similar to Balloon.

- Arriere Garde
Like Advantage but caps are the same size as small letters.

- ITC Avant Garde Gothic
Feels like AG Schoolbook, but for adults.

- Avenir
Spaced out and quite classy-looking. Suitable for a business website to convey a professional yet warm feel.

- Avian
Broader version of Advantage.