Studio ODD logo, could use some help!

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Studio ODD logo, could use some help!

Hey all!

I need some help getting the typography right for a logo I'm developing for our fictional studio, called (Buro) ODD. With our choice of name we basically wanted to give ourselves some freedom, which works because we've got a lot of odd stuff planned for our audiovisual and webdesign productions... like using cornstarch and recycled paper for letterheads.

Being the typographic newbie that I am, I'm struggling with the typography. On the one hand I want to create something that is ODD, fresh and a tad artistic. On the other, I don't want to communicate that we're a messy bunch.

So far, here's what I've been focusing on. Any comments and tips are appreciated. While the basic form won't change drastically anymore (we're really comfortable with this), crits are always welcome. The logo might get a color, but I've uploaded it B&W for now.

edit: also uploaded more version from teammembers.

edit2: seems like the old uploads were moved, thus their url not working. uploaded the same plus extra.

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I wouldn't mess type. The main image is already odd (one too many fingers), you don't have to do the same with type. Make all three letters from the same typeface, as long as it's not the geometric one that's used for the second D.

Maybe play with negative space if you want to make it more stable and professional. Put a negative hand in a square and also include type inside the square under the hand. Having this hand alone makes it a bit scary and... well odd.
Robert Koritnik