Dell Adamo, iWant.

I think I fell in love with a notebook, and — it's not a Mac. This would probably be the very, very first PC I would choose over a Mac. It almost seems like someone left the Apple Design Team to work on the Adamo design. ;) Niiice.

So, If anyone at Dell reads this — Come on, sponsor me with one of those, you know you want it. ;)

(* I am not getting paid for this. Of course I am not. Actually, I wish I would. Even better yet, I would accept an Adamo as payment. ;) So consider this, Dell.)


At the risk of this turning into the old(/current) Mac/PC debate cliché, I respectfully would like to point out that you've been influenced by a nice ad campaign. A nice-looking machine running Windows is still running Windows. Sure, Apple hardware is attractive, too, but for most Mac users it's the experience on the whole, not just a pretty computer.

And before this turns into the inevitable computer war that always ensues, please consider keeping it relevant to the original post (see above).

I've been working on Apple systems for the past ten years, or so. And don't get me wrong, I really, really like Apple as a brand — well, mostly, Apple as a hardware manufacturer and Mac as an operating system and the whole design aspect of all of these. But, as I noted, this is the first really nicely designed PC 'thing' I've seen/noticed, yet. (And it could run some Linux as well, doesn't have to be Windows, I guess.)

That web site seems to be trying WAY too hard.