lower case 'k' and sans serif typefaces

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I am looking for a sans serif font that has the loopey italic 'k' (like in perpetua -- attached). What is that type of letter called anyhow?



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Some would call that a cursive k, as it is similar it the handwritten script form. It's more common in italic serif fonts, like your example there. I can't think of a sans that has it off hand, but I'm sure one will turn up.

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bree from type-together has such a cursive »k«, not only in the italic but also in the upright... here is the link: http://www.type-together.com/Bree

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Parisine Plus italic has a sort of looped k.
Another one is Ronnia Italic from Type Together.

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Pauline has a cursive/"loopy" "k" too, but it might be too scripty altogether.

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FF Nuvo has such a "k", in the Stylistic Sets feature.

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FF Strada has a beautiful italic with a looped k.

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Another sans with such a "k" in the upright and in the italics is FF GINGER

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Kaffeesatz is a sans with a looped k. There is no italic in the family.

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Nevermind, I said the same thing Cerulean just said. Gonna go make coffee…

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