Beta 1.0 sans serif font

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I draw this font last year. As I design it all alone, I need some new looks on it . So load your guns and start firing your critiques on it. I already think that I have some problems with the thick and thin in the lighter weights… I really used to like the way the connections are joining, at first. But now I have some doubts about it… Does it look legible and aesthetic to you ? Any remarks are welcome, thanks in advance ;)

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Strange, that PDF crashes Preview in OS X.

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@stewf Ditto. Re-opening it helped.
EDIT Actually, I opened it in Acrobat. Sorry.

@docunagi Interesting idea. Following through on that deep cut in the curves takes some guts.

It seems a little heavy handed in the light weight of the type though. It almost looks like a rendering error or printing error when looked at from normal reading distance, because the line almost drops off completely. It works a little more successfully in the regular to darker weights.

You need to make sure that all of your postscript outlines are merged in the final product, as I am seeing a whole lot of overlap that cancels out parts.

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yes it is a work in progress file. I didn't merge the outlines yet…
I don't know why it crashes preview. I guess it has something to do with the password protection of the file…

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Nice, I like it. It looks quite similar to the light weight I'm designing for my typeface Furet (sorry, that thread isn't really up to date at the moment).

I'm not really digging your a, h, m, n, r, s, u. Going into that:

a -- I think the sudden angle of the shoulder (top right) is a bit too angular for the typeface.
h -- I miss the notch.
m -- Sticking on the second arch to an n doesn't work.
n -- Also misses the notch.
r -- I think the ear should start a bit lower.
s -- Interesting place to put the notches, but not very consistent when compared to the other characters.
u -- Missing the notches as well.

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works in progress should start with the progress part first and then the work part is easier.

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Thanks for the remarks;)
I think after looking at it again that the notches are nothing but troubles… they does not bring that much… I'll try too simplify the whole thing and put notches only were they can bring something essential. Will let you know of the progress.

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The ampersand is neato.

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