Palm Pre WebOS system font

Anyone know more about this, background of the font etc?


looks like Avenir.

yes, Avenir


Actually . . . not Avenir.

Yes, some early, leaked screen images used Avenir as a placeholder (as seen above), but the final Palm Pre release uses Prelude, a custom font made for Palm and webOS.

Similar feeling, but not the same:

So now we know what Roger Black was not telling the crowd in Berlin :-)

And poor Betty's life has been taken over by her evil twin Desiree!

nice, Craig >^D

@Nina -- So Roger was hinting around at TypoBerlin, was he?

@Craig -- Ya gotta admit: if you're Palm and you've gotta be hyping Palm's new iPhone killer at CES or someplace like that, then "Desi" looks a whole lot cooler than "Betty," now doesn't it?

Kent, "hinting around" seems like a pretty good description.
(And apt, too, for this kind of font ;-) )

Well, really Tom Rickner at Ascender did the hinting on Prelude. ;-)