60s-70s squarish sans

This has been stumping me for weeks; I must not have the right books. Even my mortifying old Letraset catalog doesn't show it. I think this is also the typeface used for the wordmark of Genentech, but I could be wrong (by now this logo must have been scanned and re-drawn a number of times). I see differences in the n's in these 2 images, but the logo could have been customized. The signage is from the parking garage at SFO.

In any case, I recall seeing this design a lot more when I was a lad (which would be the 1970s). I can't find it, but I'm quite sure it was a retail typeface. Does anyone remember it?


The airport lettering looks like Modula, which had about 5 weights (shown in "Homage to the Alphabet" by Phil's Photo). There was a digital version of a medium weight that was called Obsidda by NovelFonts for which I can make a sample shortly.

- Mike Yanega

Here is a sample of Obbsidda, which I had annotated as a digital version of Modula Bold.

- Mike Yanega