Lovely Old Letterpress font

This is just a wonderful font. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone recreated this digitally?


It's called "Marble Heart", and it was an ATF typeface, based on an 1870s type called "Gothic Double Shade" from the Boston Type Foundry (which was an ATF predecessor). this info comes from Mac McGrew's great book on American Metal Typefaces. It is also shown in the Solotype Catalog & the Phil's Photo "Homage to the Alphabet" book, which means it made it into film type. There is a similar style called Orleans Open that was digitized by FontBank as "OldWest", but I do not think I know of a digital verson of Marble Heart. Maybe Mark Simonson or Mike F. would know.

- Mike Yanega


I found this in The Type Specimen Book
By V&M Typographical, Inc. (in google books):

FYI, I am not aware of a digital version.

Marble Heart was recently digitized for posterity. It is m-u-c-h older than McGrew thought: A specimen appears in the Hænel catalog of 1847!

According to Bauer, Hænel imported roman types from GB and France. Since Nicolette Gray does not discuss it, it was probably French:


Hi Anna, I don't understand what you mean when you say " digitized for posterity." I followed your link and found reference to a new font called "Margarethe" but I can find no information on how this font is sold or given to the public. Nothing at Myfonts or Identifont.

Hi Don,

The original mission of The Type Heritage Project [THP] was to publish a series of textbooks illustrating at least 1,500 already-existing digital revivals of display types originating c1800-WWI:

In the planning process, I realized the importance of preserving as many of these gems as possible--before maintainable letterpress equipment becomes any scarcer! The THP forum website recruits, coordinates and supports volunteer partners committed to THP's second mission:

So far, THP partners have produced hundreds of new revivals:

"Margarethe" is a revival of Marble Heart including a super-rare lower case perhaps not shown by ATF. It was renamed because
I must [reluctantly!] advise revival developers to do so:

Later this year, THP will launch an eCommerce font boutique specializing in revivals and others drawn from historical
materials. A semi-functional model may be previewed here:

Until then, these fonts are not available unless the partners decide to offer them elsewhere.


Thanks Anna. Admirable project. But you might want to find a way of moving to actual sale of the fonts. Why not put them on Myfonts? People who are not part of your project also find the old typefaces interesting and will probably produce their own versions for sale in the near future, since they see nothing in the marketplace.