What font is this?

i realize the grunge texture wont be on it.
i just need the font.


Where did you find this and do you know who did it?

I've been searching for this too. I've only seen it four different times but those were all fairly recent book jackets designed by David Mann for Bloomsbury in the UK, so thought it might be something custom of his. This is one:

The other covers are for Zugzwang by Ronan Bennet, Trauma by Patrick McGrath and Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre

I did ask for an ID here a while back but didn't have any luck.

It's a pity you didn't use a better title for your thread. It might be hard for me to find if I come back in a few days!

The way the leg of the ‘R’ thickens towards the joint looked amateurish to me when I saw this for the first time (Justin).

Well, what shall I say ...

thank you!

Well, i saw this on some myspace page.
I believe it was designed by This Is Design.

You’re welcome.
Oh, and please ... use a descriptive title next time! Thank you.

Thanks Jan. I really like the C, G and S but there are some other clumsy letters too, such as the B. They look alright on the David Mann jacket designs where they've been raised to give a more industrial look. Also he either altered the Z on the Zugzwang jacket which was the original sample I posted, or possibly used one from another font.