Slab serif: Optimissm

Can someone identify these slab serifs? I think they're different.

I've looked at a few of the usual ones, but the "s" are usually not gothic enough, especially when it's as bold as the sample.
I'm looking for a slab serif that's "gothic" at the same time.

Hope someone can help.


Looks like Calvert (for Optimism).

Oh, and ‘Plus’ seems to be ITC Lubalin Graph Bold.

You're spot on about Lubalin Graph Bold. Thanks!

But I don't think that Calvert is the right font. There is too much variation in the stroke weight.
The Optimism example is also heavier.

Anyone else?

Checked again. Calvert Bold looks a match to me.

True. Maybe it's been stroked. Cos even bold does not look as heavy as the sample posted.

Thanks for the ID.

White type on dark background always appears heavier. Maybe that’s why.