World war II propaganda posters

I hear people here are quite good at identifying fonts, if you could tell me what font is in


the word UNITED in this

or similar fonts. thanks!


Teuton might work.

teuton looks nice but if theres a free font that looks like that too that would be awesome :P

Free fonts generally suck. Maybe you can use Impact, if you intend to create a poster that sucks :)

yes im sure they generally suck, hence why i said if there is one that looks like it that would be nice.

also im using this font for something that will be in an animation for like 3 seconds, so i dont really wanna pay 50 dollars for a font i'll only use once

A well planned mugging might reveal enough cash to make the purchase and cause minimal damage to your own net worth?

Fishmonger might work:
Eurostile might be the closest you get with a free* font, or maybe you could try Jack Usine's Audimat. Both differ quite a bit though.

*Eurostile is not free, just bundled with Windows.