GAG Members?

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Hey fellow Typophiles,

Are any of you who are graphic designers Graphic Artists Guild members? I'm preparing to leave my day job in the next few months and go solo full time, and I'm wondering what your experience with GAG has been. The handbook has been very insightful. And, despite the terribly outdated design (perhaps it's done with irony?), their website is full of good info and the "why join" type of areas look appealing.

Why am I hesitant?

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Really? Okay, if none of you are GAG members, have you heard anything good or bad about joining?


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I notice that their website has a section with links to members' portfolios... Perhaps you could get contact info from one or more of those portfolios, and ask the designers/illustrators/artists.

I own the latest edition of their Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book... The only negative thing I've ever heard about that is that some of their rates are higher than real-world rates.

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