Design Annual Drinking Game

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This weekend, while hanging with a fellow designer, I stumbled across a brilliant idea to incorporate 2 of my favorite things. Drinking and Design. It's rather simple actually.

Pick up a Design Annual of your choice (PRINT and HOW do nicely). The more categories the better.

Now flip to a random page/spread and spend a minute looking at it. Hand it off to your friend(s) and allow them the same time to peruse the page/spread.

The idea... to select 1 design that you think is the best on that page/spread. Each person will make 1 selection and you will go around the room asking your friend which they thought was your selection.

If they guess right, you drink, if they guess wrong they drink. If it's unanimous and everyone likes the same design, everyone drinks.

Now, obviously there's a bit of trustworthiness involved. You can't go changing your answer if someone picks your design. Really, what's the fun in that anyway.

I'd be interested if there might be more ideas to add to the fun.

Remember, drink responsibly. Course I'm not your parents, so do what you want.

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Another idea. Pick up an Art Forum and take a drink every time you read the word “conflate”. Make sure you are at home before you start.

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My friends have a similar game. However, instead of
drinking it requires one to smoke pot.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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I'm a little surprised. I guess there aren't that many drinkers on Typophile.

All work and no play make a type designer very proficient, I guess.

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