CheapProFonts - Newsletter 09-01

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CheapProFonts - Newsletter 09-01

Welcome to our first newsletter this year! :)

CheapProFonts is constantly growing, and we’re now spreading our wings a bit: some of our fonts are now also available on MyFonts - and more are on their way! :)
Because of this I had to spend some time preparing new files and graphics etc. so the releases of new reworked fonts has been a bit further between - but I still keep a respectable pace.

In this news release I present the following 9 fonts:
- 3 from Ronna Penner
- 2 from Ray Larabie
- 1 from Nick Curtis
- 1 from Brian Kent
- 1 from Kimberly Geswein
- 1 from myself! ;)

Because of a recent policy change by Microsoft (and others) regarding the encoding of Romanian I have started updating all the released fonts to make them compatible with this practice. This updating will continue inbetween new releases.

CheapProFonts is dedicated to supplying high-quality OpenType and TrueType fonts for setting “foreign” languages (languages requiring more than the basic A-Z characters) for professional Mac and Windows users.
Check our site for constant new releases, and see you in the next newsletter!

Roger S. Nelsson
High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget!